A Professional Student

Have you ever heard of someone who says “when I grow up I want to be a student!”? No most of the time students cannot wait to graduate and be finished with school. Not me I love school, I have found my calling as a teacher…instructor…facilitator of learning…professor, whatever term you want to use!  I also have a deep love of learning so I am back in school to get my third collegiate degree, a Masters degree in Public Health!  I am loving school so much that I am heavily considering to get my doctorate.

Do you have a love for learning? Do you already have a degree in coding but need CEU credits? Do you work as a receptionist or patient care representative and just want to learn more about the business side of medicine? Are you a nursing student or other allied health professional student and need help getting through Anatomy, Physiology, term and other courses?

You have come to the right place.. At Americode our mission is to create star coders and to help all medical professionals be the best they can be!

Full courses coming soon but until then blog posts will be filled with helpful information that can be used for research, learning, or as a reference for you! Please check the disclaimer on using information from this site!

Welcome to Americode Professional Coding I hope we can help you achieve your goals and dreams

If there is anything that you would like to see offered by Americode please e-mail me at dchapman.americodeprofessionalcoding@gmail.com

Happy Learning,