Some important terms to remember this flu season

  • Quadrivalent- a vaccine designed to protect against four different flu viruses
  • Trivalent– a vaccine designed to protect against three different flu viruses
  • IM injection- intramuscular typically injected into the deltoid muscle(CDC,2017)
  • Intranasal route– also referred to as flu mist is administered as a spray into the nasal cavity to be inhaled. (CDC,2017)
  • ID injection– intradermal injection is similar to that of a TB test where the vaccine is injected into the skin rather than the muscle(CDC, 2017)
  • Whole Virus– The virus is
  • Split virus- the virus has been interrupted by detergent(WHO, 2017)
  • Subunit virus- The virus has been purified by removal of some parts of the virus(WHO, 2017)
  • Preservatives versus preservative free-
  • Pandemic- Widespread outbreak of the flu, worldwide or nationwide
  • Epidemic—fast onset of outbreak of flu in small communities

Immune system overview

Our immune system works to keep your body in homeostasis by protecting it from foreign invaders, infectious diseases agents(pathogens), and more

The two components to immune system is


Each can then further be broken into two components


Active Natural immunity is when a person is exposed to a disease or pathogen that activates the immune system to respond to foreign invader entry.

Example: a classroom full of people one person enters the room with the flu virus, contagious—coughs and sneezes in the room exposing everyone to the flu virus. Everyone else in the room even though is unaware of what is going on, their immune response is in high gear to help keep them from getting sick although most will succumb to it and get sick

Active Artificial immunity is when a person elects to get a vaccine, this tricks the body into thinking it has actually been exposed to the disease and activates the immune system to respond to the foreign invader

Example: seasonal flu vaccine is administered to John, he goes home and feels a little under the weather the following 24-48 hours but after that, he feels all better. During the first 24 hours, the body’s immune system begins to respond as if John had actually been exposed to the flu from a contagious coworker. Johns immune system begins creating antibodies to protect against the flu virus so if he happens to actually come in contact with the flu in the future he will be protected at the most and at the least will not have bad effects from the flu

Passive natural immunity is when a mother gives to her newborn baby

Example: while the baby is connected to the mother through the umbilical cord and placenta the mother passes immunity through to the baby. After the baby is born breast milk is packed full of immunity building properties that is also passed from mother to baby.

Passive artificial immunity is when a person receives an immune globulin to prevent devastating effects from diseases like tetanus or rabies

Example: John is walking in the woods at night when he gets attacked by a raccoon, he immediately goes to the ER to have a rabies shot, this is an immune globulin which will lessen the effects from the bite of the rabid raccoon

How long does the protection last?

It is important to remember especially during flu vaccine season that active immunity takes time to fully work. This is the reason that some think that the flu vaccine makes people sick, someone gets the flu vaccine and the next week gets sick—active immunity has not had sufficient time to get activated properly in a person’s system and thus the person gets sick it has nothing to do with the vaccine itself. Active immunity provides long-lasting protection against diseases and pathogens

Passive immunity provides an immediate protection but does not last as long as active immunity, passive only provides protection for a few weeks to a month.

Does getting a flu vaccine increase one’s chances of getting autism or getting the actual virus and getting sicker!

Vaccines have long been controversial, why would one voluntarily inject a virus into their bodies? Vaccines actually make people sicker why would I get one? Vaccines cause children to develop autism, why should children get vaccines?

According to Autism speaks there is no direct connection between vaccines and autism spectrum disorders.

Too many children die every year because of vaccine-preventable diseases and everyone should take vaccines to protect themselves and their families

Some people cannot take the vaccine because of medical conditions or religious exemptions these people need everyone who can take the vaccine to take it so to help protect them too in something called herd immunity

Get your vaccine

protect yourself

protect your family

protect your community




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