Cardiovascular Anatomy

A high pressure one-way system that supplies blood and oxygen to the lungs and the body

The heart is a major muscular pump that constantly pumps blood throughout the heart, lungs, and body

The heart has 4 chambers or rooms the two upper chambers are called the atrium and the two bottom chambers are called the ventricles

Valves are like doors that open and close(this creates the heart beat sound that we hear through stethoscope)  valves are between each chamber in the middle of the walls or septum that divides the heart into the four parts

The heart has 2 departments the plumbing and the electrical part, the vessels are the plumbing and the pacemaker is the electrical portion which keeps the heart in normal rhythm and allows it to pump blood through the vessels.

Hint: cardiologists typically specialize in one or the other just like you wouldn’t call a plumber to change your light bulb a cardiovascular surgeon would not typically deal with the electrical component of the heart they leave that to an electrophysiologist.

Types of vessels

Artery- muscular tube that carries blood away from the heart

Vein- think non-muscular tube that carries blood to the heart

Capillaries- a bridge between arteries and veins

Check out the education page for worksheets, coloring pages, power points and video lectures (coming soon)



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