My Story of Certification

Oh dear, I can still remember finding out that I had to get certified, the immediate feeling of fear overwhelmed me! I had test anxiety and thought if a job depends on me getting certified it probably won’t happen. You see I did not have much confidence in my coding ability. (just at this time I have it now, LOL)

When I was getting ready to graduate my instructor asked me a question that would change my life. She asked me if I would come back and help her teach Medical Coding! Oh, my goodness at the time I did not realize the weight of this question, she was terminal and needed help in keeping the Medical Coding program in which she developed from the ground up functioning. I thought about it and agreed so off to the University we went to get me enrolled to get my Bachelors Degree! I remember having a lot of feelings about this adventure! I started back to school the fall after I graduated from the Jr. College. I loaded my schedule every semester and finished my 4-year degree in just 2 years!

I graduated in May of 2010 Applied and accepted my teaching job in June of 2010 then scheduled to take the CPC exam for August. Now, remember that for the past 2 years I had been completely focused on getting my bachelor’s degree so no coding for me.  I only had a short time working in a local medical office but it was front office mainly not a lot of coding. I hit the books hard and began studying– I had no clue what I was getting myself into!

I worked on my study guide from the front to the back and then from the back to the front I ate, slept, dreamt of this CPC exam for 2 months yes you heard that right just 2 months of preparation after 2 years of not coding, I was so nervous that I would not pass this test.

I will always remember the day I went for my test like it was yesterday– I had stress induced sinusitis I was sick…. I went into the testing room it was beginning to fill up. I carefully chose my desk got my books and pencils out, the lady sitting in front of me turned around and said I can tell this is your first time, I said uhh yes it is my first time, she quickly said (and she seemed proud about it) this is my 3rd time taking it. I began feeling very nervous I needed to pass this test this time!

The proctors entered the room and welcomed us, she asked how many it is the first time, I was the only one who raised their hand. Oh my goodness what is happening, I remember feeling sick at my stomach.

It was time to begin, I opened my test booklet and it was blank literally blank page I don’t know if it was the last moment of panic that took the words away but I was looking at white pages, I shut my eyes took a deep breath and when I opened my eyes the words were there!

I began the test and for what seemed like forever I finished the test and turned it in, I realized I was the first one finished and when I got to my car and looked at the clock realized I still had 2 hours left. I cried the entire way home I knew I blew my chance of passing

I was super anxious awaiting the results, my family had taken a vacation west to see family and it was there that my instructor, my mentor, my friend called to encourage me to check my scores on the AAPC website.  I logged on to the computer and on to the AAPC website only to find a CPC-A behind my name and man did I scream for joy 🙂

The great adventure began then– I now loved taking exams and had a great desire to sit for more certification exams.

I love the challenge in a certification exam– I would encourage any coding student to sit for the CPC exam it makes a way for many opportunities–

I have a great passion for teaching coding and help those who want to sit for the certification exam have a successful experience!

Happy Coding


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