Taking notes

Can be an art!

How do you take notes?

are you a scribbler, are you more organized, are you a double note taker, or maybe you are a combination of the above!

Well in Medical Coding notes are very important because you are permitted to use notes on your CPC exam.

I became obsessed with note-taking while preparing for my latest Certification exam(CPMA) and I would love to help you also become a star note-taker 🙂

I would get a few sheets of notebook paper or a notebook(nothing too fancy)

Go to the AAPC website and print out the certification exam for which you are taking(see screenshot below)

screen-shot-for-blogFor example here I have the CPC prep pulled up on my internet browser and the E/M section

In your notebook place E/M as your page heading and then begin your notes (take note that there are only 10 questions on the exam, do not get too hung up on E/M section)
on your note page you want to go through each bullet point and make sure you have a note or two about the subject! Every note will not end up in your CPT book. You are just writing basic notes right now.

Once you get through going through each section then you will want to review your notes and organize them into the following categories

  1. Definitions
    1. anatomy
    2. term
    3. disease
    4. terms you are unfamiliar with
  2. Guidelines
  3. Example of how to code

You are going to re-write your notes on a different page with the above as your new headings (example: E/M terms…E/M guidelines…E/M examples)

Once you get through now it comes time to prioritize your notes do you really need everything you have written so far(probably not). Mark what is most important and what is least important.

Now begin to transfer your notes into your CPT book starting with the most important if you still have room you can put the least important information too.

Happy Learning,


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