Pass that Exam

First of all in order to pass this massive exam you must prepare

The first blog post of this series is going to be a prep post

  1. you need to create a study plan
  2. you need to gather your study materials
  3. you need to set your goals
  4. and begin

Study plan

  • What is it?
    • this is going to be your plan on how you will study, when you will study, why you will study, and where you will study
  • How to study
    • I would suggest highly to purchase the AAPC practice exams and the AAPC study guide you can purchase both here
    • go through the study guide taking each page seriously– the book is great at giving test taking tips– take these seriously
    • do not take the practice exam yet but have them ready(I would not even look at them yet)
  • When to study
    • in your plan you will need to look at a calendar/planner to see when you have available time
    • schedule study sessions and write them down
    • do not schedule a study session when you obviously wont be able to study (example: I go to church on Sunday 9:30-12:00 then I go to lunch with my family– I would not schedule a study session on Sunday at 1:00 because more than likely I will still be out with family)
  • Why you will study
    • this is pretty self explanatory but write it down… you are studying because you are going to pass this exam!
  • Where you will study
    • This is very important– you want a quiet place, good lighting and little to no distractions( you probably will not want to study in the bedroom as it is very tempting to take nap while studying, don’t want to study in front of TV because even if it is off very tempting to turn on and watch tv instead of studying)

Tell your friends, family, work that you are  preparing for this exam and that this time is all about preparing for your success in the exam. If your inner circle knows your plans they can support you and wont be tempted to get you to cancel your study plan to hang out with them 🙂

Gather your study materials

You need the following materials and place them in your study spot for easy access. Myself I like to move my study session around depending on the day so I have a study bag (this ends up being the same bag that I take to my test, more on this later)

  • code books
    • ICD-10-CM
    • CPT
    • HCPCS
  • Study guide
  • practice exams
  • anatomy book/ reference materials from Americode
  • term book/ reference materials from Americode
  • medical dictionary(although you wont be able to use in the test, for anything you dont know make a note in your code books)
  • highlighters- I would choose 4 colors
  • post it notes
  • tabs
  • pencils no.2
  • a good eraser

Set your goals

This may seem not necessary but this is a very important step in preparing for your exam. Only you know how long you personally need to prepare. Before you schedule your exam you will want to figure out how much time you need to prepare and study. Obviously your ultimate goal is to pass the exam on the first time but your goal also needs to include when you want to sit for your exam.

It is now that time 

To begin the process and journey to pass your CPC exam the first time

please look for other blog posts on how to pass your test the first time by searching the tags Pass the first time

Happy Learning


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