Intro to Anatomy

Anatomy is the study of the human body structures, while physiology is the study of the human body function. Many get these two confused while studying.

If we are talking about Anatomy we would discuss the heart itself– the chambers, the muscle that makes up the heart, the vessels that go into and out of the heart. talking about physiology of the heart we would discuss how the heart beats, how the ventricle pumps blood and the atrium receives it. You would not be able to understand physiology until you have a good foundation in Anatomy. I will be Posting Anatomy blog posts you can purchase the entire course in my courses available section.

The body sections that will be covered are

  • Organization of the body
  • Body chemistry
  • cells
  • tissue
  • Integumentary
  • Skeletal
  • muscular
  • cardiovascular
  • lymphatic and immunology
  • nervous system
  • respiratory
  • digestive
  • urinary
  • reproductive
    • male
    • female
      • conception
      • pregnancy
      • delivery

each will be covered as a preview on the blog and the full content can be purchased

This is a great way to review for Medical Coding, Nursing, any Allied health fields that involves anatomy and physiology courses. I have been told that I make Anatomy easy and fun to learn!

Happy Learning


Look for Anatomy as the tag to easily find the posts about Anatomy/Physiology

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