Pass on the first time

Every coding student has the good kind of nervous butterflies anytime their instructor brings up the CPC exam. Don’t you?

You feel like you are just going to loose it, you want it to hurry up and arrive but you want more time to prepare. Does this sound familiar?

I was right there with you here is my story

I went to a local junior college and received an Associates degree in Medical Coding upon graduating my Instructor, mentor, friend and soon to be family asked if I would consider helping her teach! What an honor, of course my first reaction was WHAT….ME….TEACHER???? I don’t think so, I just want to go to work as a coder, but very honored that she would choose me to be her protege.

She had spoken to me prior to this huge conversation about her illness, but I never realized the truth until much much later. I asked her if I could think about her question for a few days. she said of course.

Over the weekend I thought and prayed about this monumental decision. the next week we went to Marshall University and got me enrolled in Bachelors program, the same one that she had also completed several years prior. I graduated with Coding in June of 2008 and May of 2010 I graduated with my bachelors degree(minor in History).

In June of 2010 I dropped off a resume at HJC and was   hired on the spot starting in 2 weeks.

I began teaching at night for 11 weeks and 9 weeks into that quarter was called into the office(I was a bit nervous) I was asked to stay on full time!!! WOW how awesome I accepted.  I had been out of Medical Coding practice for 2 years while completing my Bachelors degree, I then was told by my mentor I needed to sit for and pass the CPC exam(which had truly been the last thing on my mind)

I began studying– The book I used was the Carol Buck series CPC prep with study guide. I had a few study sessions with my mentor and then I scheduled my exam date for August 21,2010.

The CPC was probably one of the hardest things I had ever done in my entire life, but I had prepared as well as I could have and did the best I could. I completed my exam with 2.5 hours left, I cried the entire way home thinking I had failed.

When I found out I had passed It was the BEST feeling in the entire world. I decided I wasn’t done sitting for certification exams. in 2014 I sat for the Certified Professional Coding Instructor exam, passed it on the first time as well, then in 2016 I sat for the Certified Professional Medical Auditor exam(which was harder than the CPC) Found out I had passed on Thanksgiving day– Very thankful!!!

I have made it my goal to get others to pass their exams and thus Americode Professional Coding was born!

Every week I will have another tip on how to pass your exam, I have passed 3(4 if you count ICD-10-CM) and ready to help you pass yours on the first time!

stay tuned and search tags Pass the first time

Happy Coding


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