Medical Coding Basics

Have you ever wondered what the buzz is all about?

Medical coding is a job field to get into if you like to solve puzzles, love the field of medicine, don’t mind being behind the scenes, can take charge of any situation, and can work independently!

What is medical coding?

The field of medical coding is the business side of medicine, how doctors get paid for services provided to patients

How can I become a Medical coder?

Go to an accredited college to get an associates degree, attend one of my mini courses to prepare for the CPC exam or get a refresh on a new specialty– All of my course information is AAPC approved!

Do I have to be certified to be a Medical Coder?

Yes you must sit for the CPC(certified Professional Coder) exam for Outpatient or the CCS(Certified Coding Specialist) for inpatient

You can go to for more information on outpatient coding certification

you can go to for more information on inpatient coding certification

This blog is intended to inform you of Medical Coding, Anatomy, Term, Pathophysiology, billing, and Compliance issues and topics that are relevant to the field of Medical Coding

See the about me page to see my educational and professional background

Happy Coding


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